When You Might Need a Transmission Repair

Signs Your Car’s Transmission System Needs a Fix

A car transmission is a complicated component. This part of your car’s engine is responsible for moving the car forward and backward. It’s why you should never take your car’s transmission for granted because if it breaks down, you’ll be in trouble and would need transmission repair to fix the problem. Keep an eye out for these signs of a damaged transmission and how to deal with it when the time comes:

Reduced Power

One of the first signs that your car’s transmission has problems is if you notice a reduction in power. Your engine still functions as normal, but when you try to accelerate or shift gears, it doesn’t respond as quickly as usual. You’ll notice that the power takes longer to respond when you’re on the road. If this happens, stop using your car right away and have it checked by a mechanic.

No Gear Shifting

Gear shifting is a part of the driving process. If you notice that your car doesn’t shift gears properly, it might be time for a professional to check it out.

Loud Clanking Noises

Your car’s transmission makes noises, especially when you’re driving at high speeds or shifting gears too quickly. A clanking noise or grinding sound from the gearbox might be something to worry about. This could mean that one of your vehicle’s gears is damaged and needs immediate transmission repair by a professional mechanic.

Excessive Smell

When you have transmission problems, smelly odors may leak from under the hood. This can be because of various factors like overheating or leaks in the cooling system and could also mean that there’s something wrong with your vehicle’s transmission.

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