How Our Transmission Specialist in Yucaipa, CA Replaces Failed Systems

When the transmission system is no longer performing properly, your only option is to go check what a trusted local transmission specialist has to say. If he performs an inspection and finds out your transmission is beyond repairs, then the most likely cause of the failure is deep inside the component. In such situations, transmission replacement is your only option. If you are in such a situation and need your car serviced by a reliable mechanic, look no further than G Transmissions - Yucaipa and come by for an inspection.

Transmission Replacement in Yucaipa, CA

As experts with many years of experience in the automotive industry, we can help you with all sorts of transmission related problems. If we perform an inspection and find your system can be repaired, we will still suggest the most cost-effective way to handle the issue. In most cases, complete replacement is your best option. But removing and replacing this component is tricky and all our specialists have undergone a certification program and fully prepared to handle the job.

The transmission does not stand alone. There are specific techniques that one should know to professionally remove and replace the transmission. We will try to explain the process below so you have an idea of some of the steps our mechanics will go through to remove a front-wheel-drive automatic transmission:

  • remove the battery ground cable

  • disconnect the electrical connectors to the transmission

  • remove the front wheels

  • move or remove the drive axles

  • remove the dipstick tube

  • disconnect the cooler lines

  • disconnect the electrical connections to sensors and solenoids

  • disconnect the gear selector and throttle linkages

  • remove the starter motor & exhaust pipes

  • remove the catalytic converter

  • support the transmission with a jack

  • remove the cross member supports

  • disconnect the chassis mounts

  • remove the flexplate, bell housing, and transmission

Depending on the year and model of your vehicle, the actual list of things to do can be much different. Transmissions can weigh a lot and are difficult to maneuver in confined spaces. Our workshop in Yucaipa, CA is spacious enough to allow our transmission specialist to perform his services in a professional and very timely manner. The price of this service may vary depending on the type of transmission we need to rebuild or install.

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