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You can learn more about the transmission work we do on our Google Business page. Our transmission company offers impeccable rebuilds with quick transmission repair services, as well as much more. You can read the comments we receive from the many customers we have had and share your thoughts for us to consider.

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G Transmissions - Yucaipa
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 11 reviews
by Ian L. Davis on G Transmissions - Yucaipa
Thank You

Your shop is well-suited for timely and efficient services. For example, you did a much-needed transmission repair without messing around, and you saved the day. I'm very grateful, and I will gladly recommend your reliable services to all my friends. Thank you and see you around!

by Rosemarie H. Rollins on G Transmissions - Yucaipa
Fixed a Persisting Problem

The issue with my car's transmission was plaguing me for quite some time. I'm heavily depending on my vehicle for my daily duties, let alone going to work. That's why I was looking for you, hoping for quick and effective service. Your transmission rebuild specialist did an awesome job and now I'm ready to hit the road again.

by David C. Kennedy on G Transmissions - Yucaipa
An Invaluable Help

Your transmission company helped me out immensely. With my reckless driving habits, it turned out that I had my vehicle ruined. Well, almost. You did what was necessary and from now on, I know what to do in order to be more responsible when it comes to the hardware of my car. Thank you for the work and for the diagnostics.

by Nicole J. Miller on G Transmissions - Yucaipa
Very Useful Visit

My new car is of foreign make and I couldn't make sense of the transmission's specifics. An elegant and yet quite capricious model, I might add. The good thing is that your transmission service provider rectified the small issues and gave me an important piece of advice. It's always good to see how useful tips provide a whole new experience.

by Edward M. Reyes on G Transmissions - Yucaipa
Skilled Mechanics and Excellent Prices

Your catalog of services perfectly suited my modest request. I experienced some issues that required the attention of the mechanics in your transmission shop. Everything turned out fine. the end result matches your abilities and my needs. And all that for a very good price. I am much obliged to you and here is the place to praise your service.

by Jack C. Doggett on G Transmissions - Yucaipa
Fantastic Service

I had been postponing the small issues and before long, it was clear that a transmission rebuild specialist was needed. I wouldn't recommend ignoring your vehicle like that. But what I do recommend is going to a shop like yours when it's necessary because your services are quick and effective, and all that without breaking the bank.

by Margaret L. Napolitano on G Transmissions - Yucaipa
Thank You From a Happy Customer

I ride a two-wheeled beast, and it needs the attention of professionals because I want it to be the best for me. Which is why your transmission company was chosen when the needs were obvious - you were recommended. And I must say that your reputation is well-deserved. Thank you and see you again!

by Allen S. Pineda on G Transmissions - Yucaipa
I Came Across a Great Service

When you need a transmission service provider and you can't find one that is good at his job and/or offering a fair price, your day is ruined. Fortunately, your case was exactly the opposite. A big shoutout to you for your excellent services. You did great!

by Johanne M. Slade on G Transmissions - Yucaipa
You Are Good at This

I have to say it with the whole seriousness that having a broken transmission is a real bummer. It's just awful, it's not much different from a situation with popped tires. A transmission specialist who works fast and is not charging you over the top is quite a relief, and that's what you provided for which I'm thankful.

by Rogelio E. Swain on G Transmissions - Yucaipa
Pleasant Surprise

It was one of those awkward situations that I needed entirely new parts for my transmission. Your transmission shop was a surprise, as it's a rare sight to see a fully supplied store that works with vehicles of all make and model. And the staff there knew what they were doing. Thank you very much!

by April Tucker on G Transmissions - Yucaipa
Thank You

Thank you for replacing my old transmission with a new one! I couldn't be more satisfied with the quality work you did, and will surely recommend your services. 

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